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Monday 25 May 2020
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Palazzo Vecchio Museum on Google Art Project

The Museum of Palazzo Vecchio enters the Google Art Project, offering 147 high-resolution images, representative of the entire museum itinerary. One will therefore be able to explore in detail the huge paintings of the Salone dei Cinquecento, the incredible drawings in the Room of the maps, the refined particulars of the Chapel of the Duchess Eleonora De Toledo or of the Hearing Room, just as in a real tour of the Palace, but completing it with added information. The virtual public will be enabled to see details not visible to the naked eye of the real public of the museum: a good example is the Salone dei Cinquecento, where the paintings on the ceiling, suspended twenty meters from the ground, thanks to the project will be appreciated in every particular, offering a new point of view to scholars and art lovers alike. Another notable example is provided by the paintings in the Room of the Maps, that the virtual visitors will be able to explore imagining a journey throughout the world as known in the second half of the sixteenth century – from India to Madagascar, from Brasil to Indonesia – retrieving their own cities, lands and countries.

It is a unique occasion to trigger a lively and dynamic dialogue between history’s testimony and the global public of 2012. The inclusion of the four Italian museums in the Google Art Project is part of an international expansion of the project, which currently counts up to 180 collaborations in forty countries, that altogether provided 35.000 images of works of art of incredible beauty.

With this third edition, in addition to expanding the range of partnerships, Google also added two new functions to the Google Art Project’s website, that are to make the users’ experience more intense and interactive. Compare, which allows you to examine two works of art in parallel. This function allows didactic elaborations, enabling the user to analize the technical evolution of one specific artist over time, artistic contaminations between different cultures, or two details of the same work of art. And then the second function, Hangout, one can use to create a custom-made virtual tour, by choosing one’s favourite works of art among those included in the website.

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