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Friday 12 August 2022
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Visit the museum

The visit begins in the Cortile di Michelozzo, the courtyard adorned with stuccoes and frescoes, and continues on the first floor with the Salone dei Cinquecento, where a majestic cycle of pictures celebrates the apotheosis of Cosimo de’ Medici and the city of Florence and a rich array of statues accompany Michelangelo’s celebrated Victory. On the second floor of the museum are the private rooms of the Medici court, all sumptuously decorated and furnished, and among these the marvellous Cappella di Eleonora, the chapel with paintings by Agnolo Bronzino. Important testimonies of the Palazzo’s oldest decorations are kept in the Sala dell’Udienza and the Sala dei Gigli, where the original of Donatello’s Judith is also found. In the Sala delle Carte Geografiche an exceptionally large globe and more than fifty painted panels provide an extraordinary glimpse of all the parts of the world known in the sixteenth century. The mezzanine floor houses a remarkable collection of paintings and sculptures from the Middle Ages and Renaissance left to the city of Florence by Charles Loeser.

Guided visits and educational activities are organised by the Associazione MUS.E
Reservations must be made but are free of charge 


1 Salone dei Cinquecento

Genius of Victory by Michelangelo Buonarroti

2 Studiolo of Francesco I

Studiolo of Francesco I

Apartments of the Elements

6 Terrace of Juno

Putto with Dolphin by Andrea del Verrocchio

Apartments of Eleonora of Toledo

11 Chapel della duchessa Eleonora

Frescoes of Agnolo Bronzino

Apartments of Eleonora of Toledo

14 Room of Esther

Copy of the Battle of Anghiari (after Leonardo da Vinci)

Apartments of the Priors

17 Chapel of the Priors


Apartments of the Priors

18-19 Audience Chamber/Hall of Lilies

Portal by Benedetto da Maiano and assistants

Apartments of the Priors

19 Hall of Lilies

Judith and Holofernes by Donatello

Apartments of the Priors

19 Hall of Lilies

Frescoes by Domenico del Ghirlandaio

21 Hall of Geographical Maps, or Wardrobe

Hall of Geographical Maps

Loeser Bequest

3 Dining Room

Portrait of Laura Battiferri by Agnolo Bronzino

Loeser Bequest

4 Corner Room

Madonna and Child by Pietro Lorenzetti




tower_of_palazzovecchioLiterally "towering" over Florence, the 95 mt. hight Tower of Palazzo Vecchio is one of the city's unmistakable symbols and focal points. It is also one of the oldest parts of the building built between 1299 and the early 14th century, possibly to a design by Arnolfo di Cambio, as the seat of the city's governament.

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Palazzo Vecchio narrates the City

(permanent exhibition)

Pianta della CatenaRid500Traces of Florence is a new exhibition section in Palazzo Vecchio, designed to offer visitors a compelling overview of the city in the unique surroundings of its most symbolic historical building.
Visitors will be able to discover the history and beauty of Florence through the atmospheric images of a selection of important works ranging from panoramic views to secret corners of the city. 

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Archaeological excavations underneath Palazzo Vecchio have made ​​it possible to bring to light the remains of some of the parts of the Roman theater of Florentia. The excavations were conducted by Archaeological Cooperative, under the scientific direction of Superintendence for Archaeological Heritage of Tuscany.

 Pianta Grafica Teatro Romano

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