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Thursday 11 August 2022
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Audience Chamber, or Hall of Justice

 This room, like the Hall of Lilies next door, results from the partition of an existing hall as large as the whole of the Hall of the Two Hundred on the floor below. RidSala Udienze
It was split into two separate chambers by a special wall, without real foundations, erected by Benedetto da Maiano between 1470 and 1472. The Signoria, in its day, used the room for meetings and audiences.
Duke Cosimo I, who granted audiences to his subjects here, had it frescoed by Francesco Salviati with a cycle of Stories of Marcus Furius Camillus, a Roman general who freed Rome from the Gaults (in 390 BC) on his return from exile. The analogy is with Cosimo de' Medici, who returned to Florence only after his predecessor's death, promptly rose to power and defeated the enemies of the Florentine state.

Ceiling and frieze
: Giuliano da Maiano and assistants, 1470-1475, gilt and painted wood.
Door frame with the statue of Justice: Benedetto and Giuliano da Maiano, marble, 1476-1480
Door with Dante and Petrarch: Giuliano da Maiano and Francesco di Giovanni, known as Francione, to a design by Sandro Botticelli, marquetry, 1476-1480
Door frame with the Monogram of Christ: to a design by Baccio d'Agnolo, 1529, marble.
Paintings: Francesco de' Rossi, known as Il Salviati, 1543-1545, fresco.

Allegory of Peace burning weapons
 17Portale di Benedetto da Maiano con affresco soprastante (La Pace brucia le Armi)


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