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Sunday 17 October 2021
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Room of Ceres and Study of Calliope

 The main room, dedicated to Ceres, daughter of Saturn and Opis and goddess of agriculture, lies above the Room of Cosimo il Vecchio. As Ceres provided for man's welfare by bestowing on him the fruits of the earth, so Cosimo il Vecchio brought joy and prosperity to the city of Florence.
The adjacent study originally housed miniatures, small bronzes, medals and other rare and precious items from Duke Cosimo I's collection, either on shelves or in cabinets and cases.

Paintings: Giorgio Vasari, Cristofano Gherardi and Marco Marchetti da Faenza, oil on wood (ceilings) and fresco (friezes)
Stained glass window with the Toilet of Venus: Walter  of Antwerp, to a design by Giorgio Vasari and Marco da Faenza, painted glass (Study of Calliope)
 Cerere cerca Proserpina 

Ceres seeks her daughter Proserpina after her abduction by Pluto, god of the Underworld


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